Dr. Ip gave talk about Skymap and Rainbow at the Rotary Club, Kowloon, 21 March 2013


In the talk entitled “Music Learning and Cultural Travelling”, a summer tour combining music learning, performing and cultural travelling has been introduced by our creative director Dr. Kimho Ip, who recently brings this programme from Europe to Hong Kong. The summer tour in 2013 has the theme, International Beethoven Summer Tour. It features five 7-day tours in July and August, with the opportunity to travel to Amsterdam, Bonn and Berlin, to receive musical training and masterclasses with music tutors from dutch and german music schools, as well as the chance to perform at the chamber music hall of the Beethoven House in Bonn, where the great composer was born. Dr. Ip presented the company’s past activities in the UK and Germany. More than 30 schools in Scotland have joined the inter-cultural music programme led by Dr. Ip during the past 5 years.


The significance of combining music learning with travelling is explained during the talk, with the emphasis on the motivation of creative thinking, the exchange among cultures and performance as a task for sharing and learning. Skymap and Rainbow’s ideas of participatory activities during the music-making process is a legacy of Professor Nigel Osborne from the University of Edinburgh, with whom Dr. Ip has worked together since 2004. He advocates the healing power of music, the function of learning music to restore wholeness and a sense of direction, as well as the sense of belonging to the community.

More talks will be given by Dr. Ip to Rotary Clubs Wanchai and Hong Kong in April and May.


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