About “Skymap and Rainbow 天空地圖”

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Skymap and Rainbow is a registered cultural organisation in Hong Kong founded by Dr. Kimho Ip, who introduced to participants in East Asia his intercultural and multi-artform projects in Europe started in 2004. Skymap’s interactive programme has been evolved from the long-term collaboration with Professor Nigel Osborne, who is a pioneer of creativity and interculture in music in the UK. He has been honoured an MBE by the Queen Her Majesty for his War-Child project in Bosnia-Herzegovina in Eastern Europe.  Through the emphasis on the social function of music, the educational programme helps numerous children to reopen the window of communication and expression.

One of the key features in Skymap’s creative educational programme is the theme of “cultural travelling”.  A range of short-term programme including workshops plus sharing performances have been held in Scotland, Holland and Germany.  Apart from the experience of other cultures, Skymap believes that participatory music-making activities can bring together the idea of community and well-being. Through performative sharing and travelling, we explore how music can improve our life’s quality,  make us more open to experience our environment, and help us to restore a sense of direction, as what maps are made for.

Contact: skymapandrainbow@gmail.com
Kimho Ip, creative director;
Dina Fung, producer.

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